Q&A Voting Messing Up Answers Order

I don’t know if this is something that can be fixed or if it’s a feature request. I like the voting system because it gives users points but it messes up the order of the answers.

Many times when people ask questions on my site, they don’t provide enough information for the question to be answered. So another user may then ask for the added information at which point the user will provide it (as another answer).

Now when someone gives a proper response the question and a couple of people vote this answer as the best, it will move to the top (right below the question). This is great for those of us who were already following the question but a random person seeing the question for the first time will see the replies in what seems to be an out of sync order.

I guess what I’m asking is can I keep the voting but not have the best answer or most voted answer move to the top?