Q&A - WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin (Moderate/Approval process)

I have viewed the various settings for Q&A, but I can't seem to figure out how to set a "Question" approval process.

Looking for "Submit question" and/or "Approve question" settings?

Request for feature update.

Add to permission settings.

  • Mason
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    Interesting idea. Probably would be something to be added to the plugin. For what it's worth I ran a quick test by installing the Capabilities manager plugin (http://alkivia.org/wordpress/capsman) and disabling the ability to 'publish questions' for a role that had the ability to post questions.

    In the admin area this worked as expected - that role could write up a question, but only save it as a draft. An admin would have to approve and publish it. However, when writing a question from the front end, the post was still published.

    I believe we have some built-in settings with the role scoper plugin so this may still be possible, but I'll ask the DEVs if this is something we can build in. Anyone else looking for this?


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