Qode Parallax Slider and Parallax Background Having Issues on Mobile

Good afternoon or morning (depending on where you are) WPMU Dev folks!

On this page: http://hartfamilychiro.com/new-home I am having some issues on the mobile version of the site.

The slider at the top of the page looks great on the desktop however when I view it on the mobile device there is a large white space underneath the slider when scrolling. For that issue I have two questions:

1.) Is there a way to correct this? You have access if you want to take a look under the hood.

2.) If not then is there a way to only show the slider on the desktop so that this is no longer an issue? This would be a shame since the slider is responding well otherwise.

Similarly I am having an issue further down the page under the heading "What our clients say". It too has a parallax background and when I view this on a mobile screen the image behind the testimonials completely disappears. Do you know why this is happening and if there is something that I can do to remedy it?

Thank you as usual for your brilliant support and I will look forward to your response!

Pura Vida,