Queries about functionality before activation


We have downloaded Memberships2 Pro, as not only does the new functionality look great, but it looks like we can effectively replace a relatively large number of our existing WooCommerce & Groups plugins that are needed just to do the same things.

Before deleting these though and activating Memberships2 Pro, as it is not clear from the documentation, please can you clarify:

1. We are already using WPML for languages and with Woo and we currently have for instance – a Gold Membership product – which is created in our primary language English with a GBP value, but then displayed on the USA site pages in English with USD values. Will this be the same, or do we create separate GBP & USD products?

2. Is there a Reporting function – eg. Users, Sales (by currency), Products, Countries etc – and by calendar period?

3. Does WPMUDEV “E-Newletters” & “Affiliates” integrate.

4. Can you provide additional payment gateway (Neteller) or advise developers who can customize?

5. Is Taxamo functionality just for EU VAT or other worldwide countries which also have digital services sales taxes?

6. User Groups – when users register / buy memberships, can they be placed in specific groups by country / language, so that E-Newletters (if it integrates) can be used for mailshots in their native languages?

Thanks and look forward to hearing back.