Query: Ultimate Facebook Plugin & Comments

This is a query at this stage to check my understanding. With Ultimate Facebook plugin installed and working I'm testing the comments features.

1. I post from my site and the post appears correctly on Facebook. Excellent.
2. A comment is added to the post on Facebook and it appears on my site. Excellent.
3. I reply to the comment by entering a comment on my site.

Question: Should that reply appear on FB for the person leaving the comment on FB to see? It doesn't seem to when I try it and I'm not sure if it's intended to or not.

thanks for any help.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi Steve,

    Great question and I believe that this will depend on how your Facebook settings are done in the UB plugin. In theory, you should be able to have the comment thread in both places, but I think it's possible that you could have comments on the site not Autopost. I'd have to look closer at this, but perhaps you can tell me what you have. In your Comments section of the plugin, you've clicked the Use Facebook for Comments checkbox? And when you make the comment described in point 3 above, were you commenting using the Facebook widget on the post?

    Let me know and I'll also look further on my end.