Querying a custom table in wordpress

Does anyone know of a plugin that would allow me to create a formatted list of items in my custom database table. I am currently using the Tabulizer Plugin to achieve this: http://www.rugnewsanddesign.com/auction-results/

But that doesn't get me the type of structure i am looking for. I would prefer to treat the data a bit more like an wp category archive. for example with a the image on the right, and then a tiltle, date, and other information formatted next to it.

For some reason i just can't find the best way to do it, I would prefer a plugin to achieve this but am not adverse to creating a custom solution. I need to be able to sort by price, date, etc. need search capability etc. That said i don't want to load this data a a custom post as the data and is being updated to the database regularly?. any ideas?