question about a file found inside a wordpress site

A ClamAV scan on a wordpress site found a the same file mentioned below in two locations. Is this file valid or likely suspicious/malicious?



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    It find the file of the same name in two separate locations but I don't know what files are expected there as there's no way for us to know by the name all the files from all the plugins and themes.

    If that's the file that I just found on a web under the same name, I would say this probably is indeed malicious and might be a sign that the site was actually infected.

    To be sure, however, I would need to see the content of the file to give you a better response so if you want me to take a look, please download and zip the file (from both locations so I could also compare them), upload to some sort of a file storage - like you Google Drive or Dropbox account - and share a download link with me. I'll then take a look at them and tell you more about them.

    Kind regards,

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