Question about advertising and directory plugins

Hey all. I think I've reached my brim regarding the functionality of my site. I've had tremendous challenges with it, but I think I've come up with a solution. Ultimately, I want tutuology to be a marketplace and business platform. So far, I have tried supporter & marketpress, then pay-to-blog & marketpress, then back to supporter & marketpress & buddypress...with numerous problems. After a few months of spinning my tires, I am shifting gears a bit with how I'm going to pull it off. I would be perfectly content with going this route: having my site be a business platform and an advertising platform. Rather than have people set up shops, they can simply submit their existing boutique to my site for inclusion. I know it's kind of a step back, but I don't have the time or $ right now to have my site be continually buggy. My goal is to provide a platform for people to connect with sellers and buyers. I want my site to be an industry hub.

What are your thoughts about scratching supporter, adding membership, and perhaps directory (or would there be a better plugin for advertising)? Many thanks for your guidance :slight_smile: