Question about autoblog


I want the autoblogger to create a new post if the source feed is updated instead of updating the post. Is this how it's handled today or how does it work?

Thank you

  • DavidM
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    Hi benjick and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Autoblog doesn't check for updates on posts after pulling them actually, so it wouldn't update any existing posts as well. I think that might be possible with a bit of code hacking, but that would be a matter of custom development.


  • benjick
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    Hey and thank you!

    Okey, then the plugin works as I want it to work for now.

    Some feature suggestions:
    * Save the images from the (remote)blog to the autoblog
    * Allow the plugin to update posts on the autoblog when they are updated on the (remote)blog.
    * Allow the plugin to post a new post but add an extension to the title (e.g. My blog post (revision 1)).

    Have a great day!

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