Question about building social network site

Hi, I'm building a social network site with these features:
Blog + group + wiki + event + news + forum + membership(with different permissions) + multisites(multi-domains, single domain for single member) + photo Video gallery

A user may have his own blog, and share his photo and videos.
Do you have any suggestions for this kind of site?

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    I would say that you have come to the right place to build this kind of site.

    If you are looking to have users sign up to have a blog I would use Pro Sites rather than Membership. Membership is more for granting access to your site to members and Pro Sites will get users signed up for their own blogs.

    For the social part of your site some people like Buddypress because there are a lot of cool features in one package. Some people say the updates are slow and it can be tough to integrate into themes that are not compatible out of the box. I've found that the WPMU DEV plugins achieve a similar functionality but my site is not structured around social elements.

    I would recommend to find a theme you like and install plugins one at a time making sure that each is the way you want it. This will help you understand how each plugin works and help you from getting overwhelmed. Good luck with your adventure and I hope I helped guide your path.

    All the best,

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    ...A couple of lingering thoughts. You will need to install wordpress multisite for Pro Sites to work if you didn't already know it. Also, check out the new update for wordpress. There is a new feature where you can upload audio and videos without a plugin. I don't know when the update will be released but keep it in mind when developing your site. You may still want to use YouTube or Vimeo if you will have many users streaming videos so your server bandwidth doesn't get consumed.

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    Hello there @alex_song,
    SqueezyDee has given you some excellent advice above. Here's what I would use to get the job done:
    Blog: WordPress core. There's no need for a plugin.
    group: BuddyPress
    News: WordPress Core
    Forum: BbPress
    But as mentioned by SqueezyDee above you should also consider the Pro-Sites Plugin.
    Multisites: and
    Photo Video gallery: That's a tough one... what exactly do you want this gallery to have?


  • alex_song
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    Hi @SqueezyDee, thank you!

    Hi @aristath,
    Photo Video gallery: That's a tough one... what exactly do you want this gallery to have?
    the function would be 1. for each user, they have their own photo, video gallery page and they can manage; 2. each group has group gallery 3. a public gallery page showing for the whole community

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