Question about Category link & Tag on Category page

I am using the plugin for the member directory for a chamber of commerce. When you go to one of the main category pages, for example

The title “Category: Advertising & Media” links to a specific listing instead of that category page. I tried disabling the link for the title but when I do that it also disables the link to the individual listing pages. How can I have the title of the category link to that category page and not one of the businesses listed on the page?

Also, when you look at the bottom of the page next to “Tagged With” it shows the tag of one of the businesses, which makes it seem like all the businesses on that page have are tagged with the same thing, which they are not.

Is there a way to either have all the tags for the business that display on the category page be listed? Or to not have a tag display on the main category page?

Thank you!