question about code that defender found

I have support access on for ( Defender found some suspicious code. Can you please take a look and tell me what you feel is the best course of action?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello cornelius_butler

    I hope you're fine today!

    I have accessed the site and took a look at Defender's report. There are three files reported there and the first one, the "error_log", can be safely ignored.

    It's a file created by PHP and it contains error messages, warnings etc. Defender is reporting it as "non-WP-core" file, because it does not belong to WordPress and is not created by it. But it's harmless and can actually be useful in case of troubleshooting some issues.

    As for other two files that are reported. Defender says it found some "suspicious function" inside them but I can't tell you more without actually seeing the code inside these files. One of these files comes from a "three column layout" plugin and the other one comes from Sketch theme. This may be a false alarm (e.g. because there's some "non-standard"/uncommon code used) or it might mean that indeed some malicious code was injected there.

    I would need to check these files so if you could please download them both (locations of the files are given in Defender report), zip them and then upload to some file storage - like you Dropbox or Google Drive or similar - and share a download link with me, I would then take a look inside and I'll tell you more about it.

    Best regards,

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