Question About Default Registration Users (Moved Here)

Hi, I was trying to be courteous and reply to a post already listed out of fear of making a duplicate topic. However, I still have questions, and a very long post. Staff suggested I move it here. (This relates to this thread):

Okay…wow…lol…my brain hurts after trying to read the responses in this thread (the one referenced above)…:slight_smile:

I’m reply to this post because now that I have the Membership Premium plugin versus the free one, I can now set more than two access levels. Now, I will give you a bit of background to help someone answer my questions.

In addition to paid areas, I decided to have 2 free areas:

1. A “guest area” where unregistered users can visit

2. A “free member” access level for registered users

This is what I hope happens if I set the default membership right — is this right (referring to points I indicate below)?

1. I set the stranger access level to “guest area – no login required” (my equivalent to the “visitors area” as described above).

2. I set the default registration user level to “Free Member” so I can collect subscribers who want to receive mailings from me with their permission.

Question about #2 — Should I check “Assign first subscription level to new users” or not?

3. I left the other settings for the paid access levels as is — still adding content to them.

Other Questions About Membership Access Based on Prior Testing

Before I upgraded to the Premium, I only had three access levels, which made it kind of tough to designate a guest (visitor) area where no login is required. Now that I have the option to make additional access levels, I have more questions.

1. Before I switched my stranger access level to “guest area” (unregistered visitors) I had it set to “none.” Is this why when I tested paid and free signups, none of the fake (test) accounts I created via Paypal Sandbox attached a paid membership to a user?

Concerning this, I had noticed that after making a test payment the user did not have a subscription. I’m guessing this is why – that I needed to change the stranger access level setting?

2. What happens if I set my “default subscriptoin for registered users” to “free” (a “Free membership where login is required”:wink:?

I’m hoping what it does is simply the free member signup, but I hope it doesn’t cause paid members not to get the paid content they ordered from the paid levels.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @julie,

    #1 Yes, the visitors level should be assigned to strangers, then any visitors should only see content allowed by the guest area level.

    #2 Leave the “Assign first subscription level to new users” set to no.

    #3 not quite. The stranger setting assigns an access level to all unregistered visitors.

    The default level for registered users will assign that level to all users on that site that have not paid or signed up with membership (ie. users that didn’t go through with paypal payment, or were registered on the site before you installed membership, also users you manually create via admin will be assigned that level)

    Only users who signup to a subscription plan and pay via paypal will have a subscription that they can renew/upgrade.

    Hope this helps

  • Julie
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks, Vaughn. That does help. I did test the free member, and it was nice now that I have the default set to “Free.” The free member doesn’t have to sign up twice. Now, I’m hoping the same will happen with the paid members after I re-test those.

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