Question about functionality –

I’m using plugin this to book horseback riding lessons. I’m the riding instructor (human, lol) and I’ve got two horses that are my employees.

I also teach lessons to people with their own horse.

Right now I have my two horses (each by name) set up as service providers with a 3rd choice for ‘Your Own Horse’ as a service provider.

I then have the services set as “half hour riding lesson” and “1 hour riding lesson”.

My question is, is there a way to set the plugin so MY two horses do not get back to back bookings, but I can still get back to back bookings?

The reason, it is unfair to ask them to give a 1 hour lesson and turn right around and do it again, they typically need a 3 hour rest time.

But it is not unfair to ask me (the human) to keep working. I don’t get a rest time. :slight_smile:

At first I had the lesson blocks tripled in time, but that kept ME (the human) from getting more bookings from students with their own horses.

I’ve been playing with the plugin for about 4 hours, so I figured I’d ask.