Question about having excel spreadsheets as downloadable items

To Whom it May Concern,

I run a membership site where I put out a new video every week. Those videos are typically accompanied by several downloadable resources. For the video I just released, I included an excel spreadsheet for my members to download.

The weird thing is that when I then click on the link for this excel spreadsheet from the front end, what I download is a blank text edit file. Now, to make things even stranger, when I put the excel spreadsheet in a different bit of code, the excel file downloads as expected.

Really the only difference between these 2 bits of code is that the first bit just makes some of the text a clickable link, whereas the 2nd bit of code creates a download button. Could you tell me what is going on here? You can check out the page I am referring to at

I look forward to any help you can offer.

Best, Nicholas