question about include image items in sitemap

What is the advantage of including image items in the smart crawl sitemap?

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    Hello cornelius_butler,

    Advantages depend from scenario to scenario. Are your images the "content" users are looking for, or merely illustrations for the content on your site? If images are your "content" then you obviously want it to be discovered.

    Google will eventually discover everything unless you block them. Sitemaps help in making it easier for them to quickly discover your stuff and index them; so it is essentially for initial indexing. But once indexed, they don't necessarily crawl those URLs via sitemaps. As for images, they are, not really needed in sitemaps in most cases. But no harm in providing them.

    Most times, a sitemap geared to the content gives better results. In fact, not all pages actually qualify for a sitemap, so just one more thing to consider.

    It isn't compulsory, but if you really want to ensure that every image is indexed by Google, then it will be beneficial to do this otherwise you might not have them all discovered simply by crawling.

    Do you want your images to rank in Google Images? If yes, I would recommend prioritising the image sitemaps.


  • Swapnil
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    In that case, it would be helpful to have them in the sitemap.
    It should take resources only when the sitemaps are fresh and search engine crawl them to index your content. It shouldn't be consuming considerable resource after that is done.

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