Question about Jobs and Experts

Hi there, Really love the look of everything and happy I found you guys.

Im going to be using the jobs and experts plugin on my site, a bit of background it is a website, for tradsmen ( painters, plumber, electricians and what not ) to come and find different “jobs” that customers have posted.

I.E a customer needs their house painted, the list a job and the tradesmen can come and see the job listings, my question is – the tradies need to pay for each “lead/job” so is there a way I can display a portion of the job, but in order to see the rest of it, and get the listers contact information they pay, or it goes against their membership? I will be offering different levels of member ship. I.E pay for 5 “leads/jobs” per month, and so on… so is there a way I can do it through the current platform? or can you suggest a plugin to use?