Question about MarketPress - Variables, Extra Form Fields, Etc

HI there,

I am considering using Marketpress to process ticket payments and not sure if it will help me achieve what I need/want to do.

The site I help manage uses a different plugin to create sign up forms for events. In those forms there are different levels of sponsorship. They are able to select how many 'tickets' they want. And they need to accept a disclaimer/agreement in order to process payment/participate.

I may just stick with the system we have and use the 'accept' invitation button as a way to advertise the event early then send out a notification via the eNewsletter plugin to those who have RSVP'd to let them know that we have new news about the event or that the sponsorship options have been posted.

Does Marketpress allow for variables, and extra form fields? And what do I need to integrate/test it with events+ to know if it is going to complicate or simplify the process?

Thank you for the guidance/advice.