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I'm trying to find the location of the page level Membership 2 Pro Access information in the MySQL database. In the page editor there's the "Membership Access" panel where you can give access to a page based on the membership level. I would like to find where that information is stored in the database.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello John,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    These information are stored in the database in the wp_postmeta table and it's not that easy to interact with them directly on a database level.

    First thing to know is the ID of the post/page. That one you can see in browser address bar when editing post/page or you can fetch it in your plugin/theme with a core WP function, e.g. this one (if it's within WP loop): get_the_ID().

    Knowing that you could search the wp_postmeta table by "meta_value" field for "%ID%" (where ID = the post/page ID that you found earlier); note the % characters wrapping around the numerical ID - that's important because otherwise you won't find any data as the value is a serialized array.

    Such search should return a bunch of rows with where "meta_key" is "rule_values". There might be only one but there may also be more. Furthermore, there's no guarantee that it will actually related to only Membership 2 Pro (as, in theory, some other plugin may also use such meta_key).

    Assuming that it is related to Membership 2 Pro, the value of "post_id" of these rows would tell you with what memberships the post/page is protected.

    It would be better, however, to search the table by both "post_id" and "meta_value" columns where "search value" for "post_id" column would be a numberical ID of a selected membership and the "search value" for "meta_value" column would be as described above. This way you'd be sure that you actually found the rows that really apply to the Membership 2 Pro protection.

    That being said, I'm not sure what do you need it for, but if you want to somehow check/manipulate memberships/protection rules directly, omitting plugin interface (e.g. via some code of your own) it would be much better to use Membership 2 Pro APi in my opinion. You'll find documentation for it directly in the plugin on "Membership 2 -> Help -> API Docs" page in your site's dashboard.

    Best regards,

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