Question about Membership and Wordpress.

Hello. I just recently installed Membership and before I jumped into setting it up I wanted to ask an expert some questions. I would like to create a membership level that is able to use appointments+ to set up appointments but also have the ability to fill out "user specific" forms. Now, I have been struggling to find a way to accomplish the second part. Let me clarify what I am looking for. I would like a member to register, book an appointment, and then fill out some medical related forms which they can re-access again at some point in the future. So, part of their membership would be access to their medical forms, not too different from contact information or billing information lets say. Is there a plugin capable of doing this that works with Membership and Appointments? or is this going to be a major undertaking?

Thanks Very Much for your time!

  • Zyniker

    This seems more the sort of task for which a client-management plugin is designed. I'm not sure this will be particularly easy to accomplish with Membership, as Membership is designed for a slightly different task (i.e., restricting access to content on a site, such content usually being created by the site, not its users). That being said, you likely could accomplish this by using both Membership and Gravity Forms. You'd simply need to create a form which allows users to enter the information you want to collect, and then allow them to access the form in the future and resubmit it to update the information they previously submitted. This could be accomplished either through the use of an external database or through the use of custom fields.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @john

    @zyniker is correct, membership would be used to restrict access to content.

    You could use a plugin such as BuddyPress which has custom profile fields built in, you could then add these fields to the users profile page for them to fill in.

    with Gravity forms, you could possibly create a front-end form which will submit these details to the profile (I believe it has this functionality, though i have never used it personally)

    Another plugin would be to use Formidable Pro

    Hope this helps

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