Question about Pro Sites Registration / Subscription plan display

I am planning a project that is going to work around having subscription-based blogs on a multisite wordpress installation using Pro Sites. I see that it has the ability to display a list of plans after you register, but I am wondering if there is a way to have it display these plans on the front page (Or any given page, for that matter) so that a non-registered user can select one and subscribe (via choosing to make an account right there then proceed to payment, or logging in and proceeding to payment). Short of remaking the WP Registration process to incorporate this into the main page, I am not quite sure how to accomplish this.

I have two questions, which are essentially:
1) Can I accomplish this with the Pro Sites plugin
2) If not, and I have to use a third party plugin, can it be done while maintaining the full Pro Sites features?


Edit: I have read but I am wanting to get a better idea of what is said on there: Am I correct in assuming if I want to be able to do this and have control over the process of registration, and how it leads into the subscription payments, I need to remake the registration according to my needs? And if this is the case, how is this going to affect my customers and users that want to register on their blogs?