question about staus plugin setting

Hi again

Sorry for all the questions today!

In the status plugin settings there is a "default title" field. It says "This is what will be used as fallback title for your Status posts by default".

This implies to me that if that is a fallback then there is another option for generating post titles? If so how can I do that as having the same post title for every status update is a bit limiting.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Sorry for all the questions today!

    Ask as many as you need :slight_smile:

    To answer your question.

    When you click preview, you can then click on the title to change the title to something of your liking.

    The idea behind the plugin though is to make quick status updates, so the title fall back could be "Updates", "My Status" something generic like in a social network. Then let them (Or you) define as they wish.

    You could even remove the_title out of the theme so no header is shown, but this isn't always the most desired course.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Take care.

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