Question about Stripe charges in Pro Sites


I have a question. I'm currently redoing my site. At the moment I have a paying customer in Pro Sites. His website shows as expired, but he's getting charged successfully at Stripe. I already moved his website into a standalone website in the meantime.

If I wipe the multisite installation where I have Pro Sites will he continue to get charged, or will it stop? I'm not going to continue using Pro Sites and will be using something else instead.



  • Milan

    Hello @Jaime,

    I hope you are having a good day and thanks for asking us.

    Pro Sites handles stripe subscription by creating subscription entry on your stripe account via API calls. Once subscription created for your customer Pro Site has nothing to do with it, It will just check is there any active subscription or not ?

    Its Stripe which process subscription not Pro Sites so even if you delete Pro Sites your customer will be charged as they have subscription created for you.

    But you can delete those subscription via your Stripe Dashboard, please log into your stripe account and then navigate to Customer > Find Customer by his/her email > Subscriptions > Hit Cancel button

    This will cancel subscription to customer.

    Or you can navigate to Subscriptions > Plans to know all of your subscriptions created yet. Then you can open any of one subscription to see how many have subscribed to that one.

    Milan Savaliya.

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