Question about suitability of Buddypress for my project

I am new to Buddypress, it is something I came across while researching a project. I thought that something like the Studio theme and buddypress might gie me a lot of the functionality I need ‘out of the box’ but I really would appreciaste some opinions as to whether this would be the best choice for my requirements. They are:

1. Public site that advertises the service, visible to any visitor to the site

2. Need users to be able to join up for free as an ‘expert’ and create a custom profile. Therefore we need to be able to add a new WordPress role of Expert and to be able to control what an ‘Expert’ is and isn’t allowed to see on the site. They also need to be able to add notes and info to their profile as tyhey are effectively advertising themselves in a directory.

3. Need other users to be able to join up for free as a ‘client’ and search the directory profile of Experts possibly by category. Therefore we need to be able to add a new WordPress role of Client and to be able to control what a ‘Client’ is and isn’t allowed to see on the site.

4. We want to send a welcome email to each new sign up tailored to the kind of client they are (expert or client).

5. Admin need to approve or reject all applications before they go live on the site.

Is this suited to Buddypress? Any thoughts and or suggestions very much appreciated!

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    It’s always a good idea to ask these questions and search this stuff out ahead of time. Kudos to you for that.

    BuddyPress is for social networks. This means you want the ability for users to have an activity stream that live updates (similar to facebook’s “wall”:wink:, private message each other, and create things like groups and forums. If you have those particular needs then BuddyPress is your solution.

    You can certainly make roles for Experts and Clients, the way you go about doing that all depends on the kind of abilities each role has. BuddyPress does offer the ability to create custom profiles so that’s nice.

    Our Membership plugin can do a lot of this for you as well. Using Membership you can define rules to control both what content a Member Level can access, and what kind of content hey can create through admin rules.

    You could also hook into the Membership’s Subscription form process to create custom emails for each individual level (expert, client, etc).

    If you’re not comfortable with writing up this kind of thing in PHP, I’d recommend checking out the Job Boards and getting some help with it:

  • EmilyC
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    Hi Mason,

    Thanks for your in depth reply. From your answer I would say that Buddypress probably isn’t what I need. So I guess the next question is do you have themes / plugins without Buddypess being involved that will enable me to :

    1. create custom user types (expert & client)

    2. enable them to have custom profiles

    Many thanks,


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Emily,

    Here’s an article on manually creating custom profile fields. I don’t believe that there’s a plugin that works with the latest version of WordPress:

    We have a blog types plugin, but you could use the tutorial above to create user roles, or you could use the membership as I mentioned above to define the users and their abilities to post and see specific content.

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