Question about tables and user registrations

I must not understand how Pro Sites registration works.

Here's what I was expecting:

1) I expected users can view the pricing table before they login/register for a site. Seems like the pricing information is hidden and someone has to register just to see pricing info? Is this right? How will someone know the pricing info before they register?

2) I expected users who register for a blog would automatically have a user account on the Main Site
Read this post:

The default behavior of Multisite is that users registering on one site will be pseudo-Subscribers of all sites on the network, meaning they will be able to log in to all sites as if they were already a user with the subscriber role.

I created a test blog with Pro Sites. When I log out of the test blog and I check my Main Site's list of users I don't see the user that I registered to create the test blog. I thought I would.