Question about

I recently started cleaning up an old site. It turns out the back end was a mess in tables, files, etc from old themes and plugins.

There is a file for and Gtmetrix and HB both reported about it. This also features in the database of options table as option value in wphb-last-report.

I would like to know what this file is? What the stuff inside it does? After removing and replacing hummingbird, why has this not changed? Why is it served and loaded with the site if it’s just a remnant?

What items within it have the potential to have a heavy impact on search engine rankings?

This site is my main business and the most important one. so I can’t really break it. this is also a site that ranks very highly in local search and organically, so the files in this document appear to be active and impacting the site.

WPMU DEV also uses this. Please check and have your valuable feedback on this.