Question about upgrading to 3.2 and Buddypress 1.2.9


I have a WP 3.1.3 multisite with alot of blogs and Buddypress 1.2.8 and I would like to know how to actually upgrade buddypress since I haven’t done so before (and I don’t see any automatic upgrade for BP in the plugins) The wordpress I’ll just automatically upgrade like all other times before. I have used the health check plugin to make sure it I got the correct php and mysql required.

So how do I upgrade to the latest version of buddypress? Is it just like a regular plugin: Deactivate it and after that just remove the bp plugin folder and copy over the new one?

I also use a child theme of the bp-default theme for the blogs on the site. Will that be affected in any way? Only files I have changed some in is the header.php (removed buddypress menus and added a custom menu), sidebar.php (text and a button with some js) and style.css (font color and size of body text)

Just want to make sure I haven’t missed some essential information about upgrading causing the side to stop working :slight_smile: