Question about Woocommerce and an "unfriendly" user experiance

I created a support request at Woocommerce 7 days ago with no response. I’m hoping someone here might be able to steer me in the right direction.

I’m using Woocommerce to set up a product with variable sizes and I’ve created attributes for "sizes" with variations under each size for “price” and “quantity” to maintain inventory control. Then I'm using Gravity Forms Product Add-ons to collect information for custom monogramming. I’m having an issue that creates a “Non-user friendly” view for my customers.

This is the URL for the product page I'm having an issue with. It’s temporarily a password protected page and the password is "woocommerce”.

When the last item of a size is sold and quantity = 0, that product size still shows up as a choice in the dropdown and when choosing that size, the “Out Of Stock” notice don’t show up until down below the fold. For example, if you choose the size 8 pajama (which is currently 0 inventory) and try to create an order you'll notice it will let you start a customization on this order and fill in a name, typestyle and thread color, only to scroll down a little further and see the "Out Of Stock" notice and the "Submit Order" button is not present. Other products will have even more customization options to fill out before they can scroll down and see the size is out of stock. I would be pretty irritated if I was a customer and was able to enter all that information only to find out the product in that particular size is out of stock. Can anyone suggest a way to keep the customization form from showing if the item is out of stock or maybe make the "Out Of Stock" notice a lot more prominent near the top? Optionally it would be just as good if I could make the size not even appear in the drop-down for a choice if that size was out of stock.