Question Can Batch Create a Folder System and NOT a Domain /Sub Domain System?

My goal is to create a “Folder System” and not use exact match domains, nor subdomains as a structured hierarchy.

Only Folders, nothing else.

Will Batch Create do this (create folders)?

for example-:

Will Batch Create allow me generate a Folder Hierarchy and place the Folder and Files in a Root Directory of my primary domain?

The “key factor” is that I can produce a “Folder System” by custom specific design with all set not null (blank) so that privileges would be under admin or super admin being that I am using a Multi network.

Also the csv file or excel file must be uploaded in Excel 2003 format, no problem on my end but it questions is why such and out dated format, it makes me wonder/question if outdated and or stability.

On a personal note, you folks have truly been an asset for me in becoming accustomed to WordPress.

I mean no offense and do not imply when I am researching/learning/configuring something (batch create); that it does not reflect in any regard to your products and or your service.

Your help is needed, considered is God sent and appreciated always.

Thank you for your time on this matter,


Jesus is Lord