Question on Crowdfunding goals

I apologize if this is a stupid question but did I read correctly that pledges made when done as “crowdfunding” don’t process unless the full goal is met?

So let’s say that a user make a fundraiser and sets the goal at $1000. Let’s say that they work really hard and get $900 in pledges.

What happens when the date of the fundraiser expires?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hey there!

    Yes for crowdfunding you wait for the entire amount.

    if your using advanced payments then nothing is charged and the payment authorizations expire on paypal

    if your using standard payments the payments have already gone through

    So just be careful which payments processing you pick :slight_smile:



  • Clyde
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    @kimberly Hum… Well that’s kind of useless as most fundraisers fall short of the goal. :slight_frown: I can’t even think of a way that it is a good idea to lose those donations. Why would that even be possible?

    Just to be clear would you be so kind as to explain “advanced” and “standard” payments?

    Also in the example I gave, none of the $900 would be raised unless the full $1000 was reached?

    I hope this is fixable as it makes this plugin pointless and totally unusable in a real world situation.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    I think you misunderstand my response.

    You can choose if you want Fundraising to take Donations or Crowdfunding.

    You can set up your fundraiser to have a goal of $1000 and take donations. With a Standard donation you keep all the money and the donations are processed instantly.

    With Crowdfunding you can set a goal and tell folks that the money won’t be taken unless the goal is reached. There is an entire web concept based on this definition of Crowdfunding. That is what we give you the option to create.

    Standard Donations are Donations. People pay/donate to your cause instantly and it is applied to the goal.

    Advanced Donations are Crowdfunding. Payment is taken when/if goal is reached.

    Crowdfunding lets you emulate Kickstarter.

    It does exactly what you need it to. Takes donations towards a goal. It would be ridiculous to create a plugin that didn’t actually take donations.

  • Clyde
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Mea culpa time… Yes it works for what I need. I got confused on the difference of “advanced crowdfunding” and setting a “crowdfunding goal” with “simple donations”.

    I apologize for the slight panic. :slight_smile:

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