Question on how to use autoblog

I love the autoblog program, but I got a notice of copyright infringment from a site I pulled RSS feeds from. Can you educate me on this? I thought that anyone who had RSS feeds up, by virtue of their presence, was encouraging others to share the content?

I've turned it off for now, with the intention of possibly asking sites if I can use it, but I didn't know if the community could offer me insight as to the etiquette of using feeds.

Thank you!


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    I thought that anyone who had RSS feeds up, by virtue of their presence, was encouraging others to share the content?

    Some are not so nice about sharing their information, what they actually want if for people to use services like feedburner or desk top versions so users can be notified of new content. They then expect that the reader will visit the site, spend some time, maybe some money and view their spamvertising banner ads.

    People love the attention, they love to be known, but they are selfish with their content and attitudes (Sometimes rightly so). That said, it is a two way sword with the other end of the spectrum ripping off content, claiming it is their own, re-branding it, selling it, using it for meaningless drop pages, gateways what ever you want to call them where they are just full of more ads.

    If you are only taking excerpts though and the rest is pointing back to the original article then it doesn't do them any harm because people still need to visit them to read it all.

    There will of course be strong opinions on both sides of the fence here I'm sure. So when in doubt, shout out! In other words, ask the source. Tell them all the articles will be linking back and will only be a snippet. It would be good for them as well as you.

    Just to go back to the statement I quoted from you. Just because content is available doesn't mean they want it to be shared, even if they give you options with twitter, RSS, Facebook, etc. They just want numbers on their site so they can generate more revenue.

  • Kate
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you for helping me to clarify this in my mind. I've been around a bit, but am really clueless when it comes to all of this. LOL, it was a legal blog also. I got a message from an attorney! o.0 Good grief!

    I have to admit that I had full messages turned on. I had no idea! I figured it looked nice in my little news section, which I just added for a bit of a unique twist along with my posts. I thought I was complementing them! LOL

    Of course I thanked him for making me aware of their requirement to remove the content, and I indeed did so post haste, but in the future I think I am going to ask each blog of interest for permission. This way, I don't go through this again.

    Wonderful program. I love it! I just have to spend a bit of time asking first now that I am aware it *might* be an issue for some.

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