Question on what happens once WP UI changes? (to help guide my implementation)


I understand the soon-to-be-released WP 3.2 has some UI changes. What should I expect in terms of the tutorial videos? Would those be updated to reflect the new UI? Will the text instructions you provide for each one (great feature!) be updated too?

Also, could you comment on the devs general approach to this plugin? Like would videos update automatically without me having to worry about making changes from my side? Obviously the text instructions, if changed, I would need to redo the copy/paste from the source. But otherwise, say if just the screenshot changes, will the developer simply change the image but keep same image URL/filename to minimize the things I would need to update on my side?

Thanks! I think the video (and text help snippets) series are so useful; would love to see this type of functionality expanded. Ultimately this (help info and tutorials on using WP and explanation of core concepts) is one of those type of functionality that EVERYONE likely can use.