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Please see attachment "paywithalike.png"

You will notice we installed the PaywithaLike plugin… and it tells the viewers to Hit Like to Unlock the 16 Percent Blueprint…

Once the viewer hits Like… the PDF document Blueprint I promised shows up for them… BUT there is no preview of the PDF document…

Before the PayWithaLike plugin… I was using another similar plugin called Viral Unlocker… and I attached a screenshot of that plugin as seen on the same page… please see attachment "viralunlocker.png" You'll notice the same message to the audience, to hit Like to unlock the 16 Percent Blueprint… and once the viewer hits Like… the PDF document Blueprint shows up… but you'll notice with this plugin, there IS a preview of the PDF document… it says it is locked, says download it… and once the user hits Like, the PDF shows up in the same spot that preview image is placed in.

Please see ContentLocked1.png this is another image we created in that spot… so the plugin lets me create any image to place there as a preview… and once it's shared, the file gets displayed.

The only reason why I tested and tried Pay with a Like is as you can see, with Viral Unlocker… it only works with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus… ( Not Linked In ) and Pay with a Like works with Linked In and it has stat tracking… the other one does not.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing this to you today is I'm hoping if you can upgrade this plugin to give us an option to have a preview image of what the user is going to get once they share!


  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello there!

    You can use the Reveal selection method in the settings to acheive this :slight_smile:

    Revealed content selection method With this setting, you can select the method that reveals the part of your contents *before* a Like is clicked. Automatic excerpt selects the first 100 words, number being adjustable from “excerpt length” field. Manual excerpt displays whatever included in the post excerpt field of the post. With selection tool, you can freely select part(s) of the content to be protected. Using the latter one may be a little bit sophisticated, but enables more than one Likes on the same page.

    If you are wanting to specifically use an image then you’d have to manually insert that above the content.

    It does sound like a nice feature, to have an image of the content, but it’s not necessary when you can select an excerpt, as far as the plugin is concerned.

    Does this help? Or did I miss the boat?



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    In addition to those written above, why don’t you simply add a screenshot of the pdf file as “featured image”?

    You can even find some free plugins doing this for you from Just search for “thumbnails from attachments”.

    For your information, Pay With a Like is not a download locker. It doesn’t and cannot even now what is protected inside. But with simple methods like above, you can do it yourself or make it automatic.



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