Question RE: category row display in BP Daily Theme


I really like the category row display in BP daily theme. Is there a way I can display it twice on the home page? Then I would have 3 or 4 rows displaying content from a category, a picture or something else in between then some more rows displaying different content from another category


  • Tammie

    @koumanouye: By category row what do you mean the rows or the category blocks? Whatever you will have to do some editing to get this working but you can see in home.php where each file links to. If you mean the rows you would be using:

    locate_template( array( '/library/components/content-rows.php' ), true );

    You would have to change this code in home.php to have that called then you'd want to add your content there:

    $contenttype = get_option('dev_buddydaily_latesttype');
    if($contenttype == "rows"){
    locate_template( array( '/library/components/content-rows.php' ), true );
    elseif($contenttype == "column"){
    locate_template( array( '/library/components/content-columns.php' ), true );
    elseif($contenttype == "wall"){
    locate_template( array( '/library/components/content-thewall.php' ), true );
    locate_template( array( '/library/components/content-none.php' ), true );

    You also would need to edit the content-rows to use a query post with category.

    You'd be changing this code:

    $cat_row = get_option('dev_buddydaily_featurecat_rows');
    $cat_row_num = get_option('dev_buddydaily_featurecat_rows_num');
    <?php query_posts('category_name='. $cat_row . '&posts_per_page='. $cat_row_num . ''); ?>

    You may need to do a rewind_posts inbetween:

    <?php rewind_posts(); ?>

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