Question re: Text on Front Page and Colour of View Cart

I'm playing around with Framemarket/Gridmarket and have two problems I can't track down.

When I click on the "View Cart" Button in top left hand corner the drop down has a brown background that is almost impossible to read. I've hunted through every file I can think of - and can't see where to change this. Inspect Element in Chrome suggests panel-inner but I was not able to locate it.

Any ideas where to change these colours?

I'd like to add some text between the heading Our Products and the product grid. I added text to Settings-Message and it doesn't seem to display. I also tried setting /store as a static page and using a short code to list products - however it distorted the product grid (3 only across and bottom two were strangely aligned)

Any idea on the best way to add a few paragraphs of text?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I've overlooked something blindingly obvious (but just can't seem to track it down)