Question regarding differences between Membership Pro and Membership 2

In my test environment, I have upgraded to Membership 2. I am working through all of the changes to make sure this can work in my production environment. There appears to be one major change that I cannot seem to figure out how to handle. We also use Events + for workout schedules. In the old version of membership we had a couple of levels, but a number of different subscriptions that all mapped back to two different levels. For each event, I have the shortcodes for the two levels populated such that members with different levels of access see different workout plans. For example:

Content of event:

[level-full] Full Level members see this text [/level-full]

[level-bike] Bike Only Level members see this text[/level-bike]

All members regardless of level see this text.

The problem is that there does not appear to be levels anymore, only memberships. For this to work, I would have to include the shortcodes for each membership type. Since I have 6 different memberships that mapped back to the Full Level, I would have to populate the same text 6 times for each event with 6 different short codes. We populate calendar events every day so this would be very time consuming and not practical. Is there a way to overcome this?

basically, I need any person, member or visitor to see some information on the event, any Bike Only Membership members to see only information related to bike training. All other memberships need to see the information related to the entire suite of training.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @phil

    I hope you are doing good and thanks for asking the question.

    Membership 2 is completely rewritten plugin. Membership pro is very old plugin and where membership 2 is new and improved plugin. In membership 2 there is no level and subscription but everything is membership.

    In membership 2, the shortcodes are changed. So instead of using [level-name], you have to use here : [ms-protect-content id=”xx”][/ms-protect-content]

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to convert the shortcodes, it’s all have to be done manually.

    Have an awesome day!



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