question regarding plugin conflict testing and hummingbird

I need to do plugin conflict testing with and will need to deactivate humming bird. When I reactivate will it remember all the settings? Also when deactivating it will it still keep the files on the CDN and asset optimization?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    If you only deactivate the plugin and activate it back, without making any changes to its configuration, then yes, it should remember all the settings. I'm saying "should" instead of "will" because during a conflict test and other troubleshooting activities some unexpected things might happen sometimes but it's very unlikely so it should be fine.

    When the plugin is disabled, files (optimized assets) will not be served from WPMU DEV CDN. They will not also be optimized and will be instead served as they were originally, like Hummingbird wasn't even installed.

    Once you activate the plugin back, it should get back to how it was set before plugin being deactivated. However, optimized assets might require re-generation (especially if some plugin wasn't enabled back due to the conflict test) and it's strongly recommend to clear all caches.

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