question regarding the ability to setup groups in buddypress

Can users setup groups in buddypress by default or does this feature need to be activated? How do users setup groups in buddypress?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Corn!

    You can change that setting in Settings > BuddyPress > Settings > Group Settings.

    Once they have permission, users can set up groups right from their profiles. If you'd like to restrict group-making ability (which isn't a terrible idea, BuddyPress groups can attract a loooooot of spam.) you can integrate something like MyCred, which will require members have a certain number of points before they can start a group.

    On a personal note, MyCred is one of my favorite free plugins of all time. It's fantastic if you want to gamify your website at all (rewards for your more active posters, etc.) Plus it makes it a lot easier to keep spammers at bay, even if they get through registration.

    Hope this helps, Corn!

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