question regarding the release schedule

guys, I just realized (I hope I remember correctly) that you swapped the release dates of the two announced plugins. I have been impatiently waiting for the tags plugin.

I am now wondering whether I should go with the existing solutions aka donncha's plugin or try and mod the MuTags plugin to do what I want or rather wait for your plugin.

I don't need the plugin extremely urgently so if you think its worth waiting I'd rather wait, so maybe you could share some of the upcoming plugin's features so I could decide whether its worth waiting please?

  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops


    The tags feature we'll be releasing is the same one we use on Edublogs. It's also the same one used on

    The reason for the change is that I'll be out of town for the next week and won't be back on until Monday the 17th. The Tags plugin still needs instructions, packaging up, etc but the reports plugin is ready to go. If I have time I'll release the Tag plugin but if there's a ton of urgent stuff when I return I'll have to release the Reports plugin instead.


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