Question the_content() not appearing in Question list

Hey Guys..

I installed QA on seems to work ok with one exception that has me pulling my hair out.. I copied the theme templates to my theme root directory with the intent of doing a bit of styling when i noticed that the actual question was not appearing on screen.. I am using premiumpress’s DirectoryPress theme..(we couldn’t wait any longer for the next beta of your directory theme to be released as final other wise we’d have used yours.)

In single-question.php.. I cannot get the <?php the_content(); ?> to output anything. I looked on my post table and the content is there.. the_title() shows up fine.. all post meta shows up fine.. ever come across a situation like this.. its as if there is a filter on the_content() or something.

Is driving me crazy.. other wise this plugin seems great. exactly what we want..