Questions about attendees and events

I have a few questions about Events + I was hoping you could answer:

1. How does the feature to keep tabs on attendees work?

2. Can you send out an RSVP to selected guests (assuming they are registered WP users)?

3. Where will the guest list be displayed on a site? What options do we have for placement?

4. Will Events + allow more than one event to occur in the same category on the same date/time?

5. Will a user need to define what category an event will appear on? I assume yes, but if I have multiple calendars separated out by category and a user goes to one of said calendars, is there a way for the system to detect which calendar category the user is viewing and automatically select said the corresponding category?

  • Imperative Ideas
    • HummingBird

    Hey hcdev,

    If you need something more robust than Events+, have a peek at Event Espresso. My usual line here is that WPMUDev is one of the best WordPress communities on the web when taken as a package but if you need a really high octane solution in a very specific area, you may sometimes have to venture beyond these four walls. There are exceptions, of course. I think Membership is the best members based plugin around. Nothing else compares with Comments+ or Facebook Ultimate.

    EE is the bomb when it comes to event management though. Nothing else is really even close.

    If you can make E+ work, then there are a lot of reasons to keep it in house. It sounds like you may be graduating to the big leagues on this particular project though.

  • Patrick
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    Hi @hccdev

    Welcome to the forums!

    I’d like to add to the excellent suggestion by @imperative Ideas

    Events+ “keeps tabs” in a very simple way. The list of attendees can be downloaded in CSV format with all their info. You can then use that info to communicate with them in any way you need to.

    The list of attendees can also be displayed on the front-end with or without avatars. Depending on your CSS skills, you can style the output to your heart’s content.

    With respect to your category questions, there can be any number of events in any category, on any date/time too. Events are custom post types, so any event that has a post title that is identical to an existing one will simply have a number appended to the slug by WP.

    Finally, your idea of enabling posting to the currently-viewed category would require a bit of custom coding. It sounds like a cool idea though for a smooth UX.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • hccdev
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the replies guys. I really appreciate how fast I get responses. I have a membership with EE already and find it too bloated for what I am trying to achieve with this particular project (I don’t need tickets, payment options, venues).

    EE is great for an event manager, but in this case, I am just using it for an internal event tool. I want to put this on my company Intranet and have people book conference rooms directly from the Intranet. I have no problem custom coding if that’s what’s required, but so far Events+ UX is more appealing for my team than EE is.

    I basically need a user to be able to book a conference room (I plan to filter my conference rooms by Category) and then have other team members join the event (preferably by invitation). Lastly, I’d like to able to add the event to an Outlook calendar. All of this needs to be be accessible from the front-end of the site.

    Beyond that, the wishlist items include,

    – Reminder Emails

    – Ability to select which WP members get an email invitation

    – Ability for the invitation to include a button to accept or reject the invitation

    If any one here is interested in working with me on this, I’d be happy to compensate for time.

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