Questions about Category Drop Down


On this page ( there is a drop down named 'Category', when you select the drop down, then select 'Blankets' it goes to this page ( with a 404 Error.

Can someone help me this this?

I have already granted access to my site for you to help!


  • Patrick

    Hi there Emily

    I hope you're well today!

    Took me a while to track down the root of your issue, but I found it... or rather, them. :wink:

    1) You had edited the default /sample-page with store content & shortcodes, but you didn't edit the permalink slug.
    2) You had set that sample-page page as the same one to display both your homepage and your blog posts. Oops.
    3) You had not yet created the other required store pages in MarketPress.

    As a result of all that, MarketPress was looking for a non-existent page with /sample-page in the URL to display product categories.

    So I changed the permalink of your /sample-page to /store, then created all the missing MarketPress pages, and re-selected the new /store page as your homepage.

    It's all working now. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick

    Hi again Emily

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I would recommend first a little bit of housekeeping. :wink:

    Go to the Pages section in the admin of your main site and trash & delete the pages you do not need anymore. You have a few in there that would have been created for WooCommerce that I don't see installed on your site.

    Next, trash & delete any MarketPress pages you may have created manually on each subsite. Then use the Quick Setup wizard to allow the plugin to automatically create the pages it needs.

  • Patrick

    Hi Emily

    I just popped into your site to see what progress has been made there, and I see that the Store pages have not yet been created, and the pages on your main site still need to be cleaned up & organized so the store can function properly.

    All the issues you are facing are due to the fact that the required Store pages have not been set up properly on any of your sites as the plugin requires them, and many other settings have not been adjusted.

    To get things fixed, and get you up and running with no headaches, please follow these step-by-step instructions; and please don't skip anything. :wink:

    1) Trash all existing store-related pages on all sites in your network, including the main site, and including the pages that you had manually created. That includes the /store pages that you had made by editing the default WordPress /sample-page on all sites.

    You can keep the "category"-type pages that you had created under the existing /store page on your main site, but you will need to re-assign their parent page to the new /store page you will be creating later.

    2) Trash all pages from your main site, and subsites if applicable, from other e-commerce plugins that you no longer use (like WooCommerce which is no longer present on your site).

    3) Empty the Pages > Trash on all sites, including the main site, to prevent any permalink conflicts.

    4) In your Network Admin, go to Settings > Store Network and complete each step on that page; Enable Global Cart, Index Products, Select Gateway, etc... You will also see that, as soon as you Save Settings on that page, the plugin will automatically create the required Global Store pages for your main site (Marketplace, Categories & Tags). Do not succumb to the temptation of going to edit them yet; continue with the network settings. :wink:

    5) Once you've finished with the Network Store Settings, go to your main site and, under Store Settings > Presentation, scroll to the bottom and click the Create Page button for each of the required store pages for your main site. Click Save Changes.

    6) Go to each subsite in your network and do the same thing there that you just did on your main site to create the required store pages there.

    7) You'll now likely want to take some time to edit the menu items on your main site to reflect any new pages, and new permalinks of store-related pages.

    Please do let us know if you need any help with any of these steps.

  • Emily


    1) So, I followed all of these steps, but there are still no products under the 'accessories' category, 'barn supplies' category, and ;boots & wraps; category :slight_frown: Are you able to check to see if I did everything correctly or maybe I missed something?

    2) Also, when you click on products in the 'equestrian gear' category, 'handcrafted' category, and 'tack and supply' category you get a 404 error!

    3) Also, for number 6 - when creating some of the sub-sites' store menus, some sub-sites didn't have a 'Home' menu option, so I made their 'Store' their first menu option. I am wondering if that messed things up?


  • Patrick

    Hi Emily

    Can you please grant support access again? The token seems to have expired.

    I'll pop in to take a look at all your settings, and get everything set up for you so you can stop worrying about all this and get back to selling stuff. :slight_smile:

    You will need to double-check your payment gateway settings though, as I won't modify anything there.

    If there any new such settings where information needs to to be added, I'll let you know exactly where & what to do.

  • Patrick

    Hi Emily

    All done & working correctly now. :slight_smile:

    The global store pages had not been correctly assigned; they are now though. If you change the name of any of these pages on the main site, be sure to visit your network admin and double-check that they are correctly assigned:

    The store pages on several sites had not been correctly assigned their parent page. The following pages must have the store page assigned as the parent on every site:

    You can now see all products from every site in your network listed on your main Global Store page here:

    All existing product categories are here:
    All existing product tags are here:

    All products from the network in any one category, for example Tack and Supply, now appear on the same page, like so:

    You may now want to edit the permalinks of your menu items so they point to the correct pages/URLs.

  • Emily

    I am confused....When you go to the main page, as a consumer would, and you select a product category image like 'accessories' (or any other as this applies to them all) zero products pull up.......

    On each product category you click on off of that main page zero products show up.

    The buyer used to be able to go to, select a category they want to shop in, and see products. Now there are zero products under any of the categories.


  • Patrick

    Hi again Emily

    That is most likely because you have identical permalink slugs in your pages & portfolio items that are conflicting with product categories.

    Also, your theme appears to be displaying the portfolio items on the front-page, but the portfolio items don't appear to have the required MarketPress global product shortcodes included on them to display the products.

    Again, I would recommend deleting the pages that you have created with the same names as your portfolio items as they are most likely creating conflicts.