Questions about classifieds

Hi ~ so I picked up this plugin with hopes that I can get what I need from it. Really I have not played around enough to fully realize what I can do with it.
I found in an earlier post how to remove the fancy editor and replace it with a normal text box. Will this stop markup and links from working? I want this. For safety I only want plain text added to the database.
With the image upload it would be great to not have access to any other options on the media upload but uploading / change / deleting it.
I really need to have a word filter (like the comments section) that would moderate posts. So all posts are published unless it has "x" word in it then poster would be told there ad is being held for moderation.
I do not understand what the moderation feature you have is for. Why would any one posting want to select moderate my post when picking a post status?

Thanks, hope I explained myself ok.