Questions about free version and plugin popup


I got the free version to test the plugin and when i'm login de plugin is perfect but when I logout the plugin doesn't show the pop up, why? ;-(((

In setting the options "Visitor is logged in" and "Visitor is not logged in" not work.

So I decided so I sign and after install the plugin WPMU DEV - Dashboard the option PRO in the plugin Pop up are disabled, why?

Best regards.

Salvador Bordon

  • Jude

    Hey Salvador

    Hope all is well with you and you are keeping fine !

    Can you first delete all copies of the plugin after logging into the site via FTP and then download a fresh copy from the Dashboard ?

    Next can you change the loading method of the plugin as shown here please ?

    Set it to page footer please, it can be found under PopUp - > Settings

    Also you enable support access and I can take a look for you ?

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member and have a fantastic day !


  • Salvador


    Thanks for your answers

    Firstly, is it possible to use the free version of the PopUp plugin without the user login?

    In relation to this case:

    In my case, it is not possible to install plugins on the servers through FTP from external equipment to my organization, for reasons of security of my company.

    The only way is to download the web plugin to my computer and copy it to the plugins directory via ftp from my computer to the server.

    The steps I have taken are:

    1.- Download the plugin locally and test it.
    2.- Copy via FTP to the production server the Pop up plugin. Noting that the popup was not displayed when the user was not logged in, I decided to install the WPMU DEV.
    3.- To install the WPMU DEV create an account and downloaded it to my computer via web.
    4.- I copied the WPMU DEV via ftp from my computer to the server.
    5.- I tried to uninstall the Popup plugin from the WPMU DEV, to follow the steps that you tell me, but it is not possible because WPMU DEV tries to make a connection via FTP and in my organization are not allowed to make connections to the computers from computers Which are not of the organization itself.

    So how can I download the plugin from outside the WPMU DEV?


  • James Morris

    Hello Salvador,

    I hope you are well today.

    WPMU DEV Dashboard does not use FTP to install plugins, but instead uses a similar method to what WordPress uses for installing plugins from your website's Dashboard. If you can install plugins or themes in your WordPress plugin's manager, then you can install them using WPMU DEV Dashboard.

    However, if you cannot install plugins this way, and you must use the process you've outlined above, as a member of WPMU DEV, you can direct download the PopUp Pro version of the plugin directly from the plugin page.


    To answer your question, I installed the free version of WordPress PopUp - Popover Maker and double-checked the settings. You can, indeed, specify that only non-logged-in users can see the popups. See screenshot:

    Please keep in mind that the conditions you set in WordPress PopUp and PopUp Pro are cumulative - meaning, the software will match ALL conditions defined before showing the popup.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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