Questions about in-person sales, inventory management and barcodes

I’m working with a yacht club were we have a small store that sells jackets, shirts, vests, hats, etc. with the club logo. The only inventory/sales management today is a notebook (actual paper and pencil).

There are only about 30-40 different items on hand, but members can also order custom embroidery with their name, boat name, a team name, or whatever.

Most members are local, and we don’t really sell to the general public, so we don’t expect to sell much online, but we do want to offer that. Most sales will happen face-to-face. About half the sales are by credit card, the rest are charges to the member’s account.

Our primary goal is managing inventory, and getting more accurate, up-to-date sales reporting.

So the questions:

1) First of all, does it sound like Marketpress is the right plugin for us?

2) Will Marketpress generate barcodes and/or price tags?

3) Can our members charge sales to their membership account and pay by invoice at the end of the month? Will Marketpress generate the invoice/statement for orders paid “on account”?

4) Does Marketpress handle the custom orders, such as those requiring embroidery where we never have the product on-hand in advance? I expect we would set up a computer in the club where members can browse the available options and place orders to be shipped directly to their home.

5) How do in-person sales work? Does Marketpress integrate into any kind of Point of Sale system?

6) Does Marketpress export/integrate with QuickBooks?

This is a new job for me and I’m very excited to try your Marketpress and Membership plugins. Both look like they could work well for us.

Feel free to point me at FAQs if this has all been covered already. Thanks for your help.