Questions about Marketpress, Global Cart and Theme

I’ve been slowly trudging along trying to figure all this out without asking for help, but after a month of being way out of my comfort zone I’m finally giving in!

I’m no coder, very beginner and praise the likes of and wpmudev forums for my progress. You guys are all geniuses!

Here’s what I’m doing:

Creating a website that has a Store page. This store page will show products from various other sites within my network. I’m trying to decide how to set up the store. Ideal would be to have global cart with chained payments where I take a percentage, but I’ve discovered that this is not possible (with the exception of a 5 store cap, but I still have yet to run across anything that explains how to set that up), so I’m thinking a global cart and I’ll have to charge a monthly fee or bill a monthly percentage until this feature is added.

What I would like to know:

1. I’ve got Global Cart turned on but the products on my page only show the option for Buy Now. I’m sure I’m missing something, but can’t figure out what. I would like to have one checkout on the main site until we can get chained pay w/global cart feature. All of my info is filled in and Express Payments is selected. I am wondering if I am missing something via paypal (I’ve got a app temporarily approved through the papal developer network, could this be the issue?) Or is it that I’m not using the theme provided by wpmu? I’m using twentyeleven.

2. How are you able to use chained payments without a global cart? Would I have to enter a paypal address with each product? I’m thinking multiple contributors could do this themselves through one store.

3. My interest is piqued by reading that you guys are letting people create their own stores to create your etsy style shops, how can you do this? I’d LOVE this kind of autonomy where I only have to worry about the main site and collecting fees!…I’d love to see your stores too and hear more about how you have it set up. I’m not very educated on how multisite, marketpress, wordpress etc really works together so I’m betting there is a more effective setup than what I’m envisioning.

Sorry if any of this is simpleton, I’m just an overthinker and always feel like I am missing something and I know NOONE that remotely knows anything about this. My husband’s eyes glaze over when I start to explain or talk about what I’m trying to do :slight_smile: I just need some feedback to validate or reform my thoughts and to see how much I really am learning/understanding by my hunt and peck approach to setting this up!