Questions about multiple blogs theme

I have the Business Services Theme just perfect now on my main site.

BUT, in the second site that I created it seems the template is different. It shows featured boxes instead of the category that I selected.

How can I hard code the start page. I already went into theme options and set the category, but it is ignoring me and instead going to this featured page with boxes where it shows boxes where there would be images from the post if I had images in each post.

Thanks for the help. Since I have it set just as I want it in the main site, I don't want to screw it up.

BTW, I did set the second blog that I created to the default theme, twenty-ten, and it is perfect and displays perfectly. So, it is definitely an issue with the them settings that I set. And I did go into settings/reading and I could not set it there in the second blog.

Thanks for any help.