Questions about opt-in options and settings

I’m finding the new interface more difficult to navigate – but that may be because I am used to the old one.

I used to be able to set time (days) before the pop-up would show again for a user. This is so everytime they go back to the home page or revisit the site they don’t see the pop-up. I had it set for 2 days. I couldn’t find where this setting is in the new interface.

I set up an embed form to sign-up for a newsletter. The old embed form I had was lost during the upgrade. I can’t find where to adjust field length so the fields don’t run off the right side of the form. It would be nice to be able to set field length within interface instead of CSS. Maybe setting right padding will work?

Hopefully, I will get used to the new interface as I use this on other sites. I wish a preview was available as I create the form instead of having to click on preview and then go back and make changes. It would be ideal to be able to create the form live within the actual form.