Questions about ProSites suitability please!


I am looking to import a single site (let's call it the template site) into a multisite network and then use it as the default blog template in ProSites in order to sell duplicates. I've got a couple of questions regarding suitability please!

1. Is what I am planning to do possible? What I mean is, I know I can import a site into a multisite, and with ProSites I can use it as the blog template. But, does the template site have to be the the network root site? I'd like it not to be.

2. The plan is to continue using the template site, is that possible? And, if we make technical changes to that template will they apply throughout the whole network?

Hope I've explained that correctly.

Thanks very much, Merry Christmas!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello James,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Pro Sites plugin will let you "sell websites" but not set any site as a "template site". To achieve this you would want to use it along the "New Blog Templates" plugin. These two plugins work well together and would let you create such a setup. Take a look here please:

    The site that's about to be "template" site does not have to be "root site" (main site of the network) and in fact it shouldn't be that. It should be one of the sub-sites and it shouldn't be used for anything else than "just being a template" :slight_smile:

    I hope that helps!

    Merry Christmas!

  • jamesathomson

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for coming back to me, it helps a lot.

    There's a chance then that we may not need ProSites yet and Blog Templates may do on its own. I do have a couple more questions that it'd be great to get your help with though.....

    1. So, if we ran with Blog Templates. I'd basically be migrating the existing site into a multisite install,

    2. Stripping out the posts and logo's that relate to that particular site but keeping the framework (pages, post categories, etc) - let's now call this version of the site, the 'vanilla version'

    3. Using the vanilla version as the template which is then replicated.


    (1) When we want to develop the template itself (like add a membership system or change some categories for example) how would we best do that?


    (2) How would we apply those changes across all the sites on the network, including the legacy ones?

    Thanks very much!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello James!

    You are right about points 2 and 3. With point 1 you are also right with that exception that New Blog Templates plugin use a site that's already a part of Multisite as a template, not the separate site. Therefore you would want to first migrate your single site into your Multisite (not as a main site but as subsite) and then set it as template.

    As for (1). You may simply create another sub-site with all the settings and configuration that you need and set it as another template. You may create as many templates as you wish and user can then select which template should be his/her site based on.

    As for (2). Currently it is not possible. Changes made to template cannot be propagated to existing sites so once you adjust template, these changes would be reflected only on sites created after they were made.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello James!

    Yes, if you simply update the theme, the changes should affect all the sites that use that theme. This will only apply to the changes made to the theme files though so if a theme includes some heavily customizable "theme options" panel, these changes will not be propagated in my opinion.

    The New Blog Templates plugin though is about much more than just a theme. A "blog template" is in fact a complete site "as you set it": it carries information about plugins that were enabled, their configuration and can even populate some pre-made content to new sites :slight_smile:

    If it comes to the theme though then yes, themes are stored centrally so any change made to the theme files will be reflected on other all sub-sites that use that theme.

    Best regards,

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