Questions About Support System and Easy Blogging on Multisite

I have a few questions regarding the plugins mentioned in the title:

1) Is there any way to make the Easy Blogging dashboard look different? I know there are 4 ‘themes’ but they don’t look very professional. I’d like to change the location of the menu items and the overall feel of the dashboard. In fact, I’d like it to look more like The HUB from WPMU Dev…

2) Is there any way to set the destination of files that are uploaded through the Support System plugin? I’d like the clients who submit tickets to be able to upload large videos. If it could be saved in dropbox or amazon that would be excellent.

3) Is there a way to receive email notifications when a client submits a support ticket through the Support System Plugin?

4) For some reason my Pro Site icon will not appear in the Easy Blogging Dashboard. I know it’s possible to make your own buttons with custom links, but I figured I’d ask the question here to get a possible solution.

Thanks in advance for your help!